Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012

Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012

So, for Christmas this year, I wanted to make awesome homemade gifts. My original idea was to spray paint some mugs I picked up at at Target for $2 with some chalkboard paint, write on each one, and fill them with homemade hot chocolate mix and chocolate covered spoons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get the paint to not flake off the mugs, so I’m saving that part of the craft for another day.

This is what I ended up with:
Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012
Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012Homemade Christmas Gifts 2012
The hot chocolate mix was made using Alton Brown’s recipe from Food Network.
For the toppings, I used mini marshmallows (I found them at target for $2 a canister and I used about 1/4 of it for 16 spoons), chopped Andes mints (pre-chopped in the baking section next to the baking chips), crushed peppermints, caramel for drizzle (this one was problematic), and white chocolate. On the white chocolate, I did two different drizzles. One I finished with red sugar and the other I finished with green sugar and holiday colored nonpareils.
I recently watched a documentary on plastic, and unfortunately I had already purchased all the supplies for this craft beforehand. If I had a chance to do it again, I’d buy wooden spoons (bamboo spoons are half the price of plastic ones), some sort of cloth bag for the hot chocolate and a more eco-friendly way to package the spoons themselves.
For the labels, I designed them (with somewhat snarky comments on them) and then printed them on full sheet size label paper and then cut them out. They were adhesive so I just stuck them to each package! Here are the labels I designed:
FREEBIE Christmas Gift Tags PREVIEW
Click on the picture to download them for free! Please only use them for personal projects and do not distribute or sell the file. If you want to share them on your blog, please credit Absolutely Preposterous and link directly to this post (not to the file download). If you need more information on sharing, view the FAQ page.
Merry Christmas!

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